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Health, Wellness, lifestyle

Ethical Shopping Made Easy

by Earthizen

A platform that connects conscious consumers to impactful brands.


Namrata Gannu

Namrata Gannu is the Founder of Earthizen and a curious, fun-loving foodie who loves travel & adventure. She has a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and an MBA in Information Systems. She did two data analytics internships before a full-time job at UBS, where she worked across end-user and market data, tech R&D, and anti-money laundering teams. Due to her growing interest in sustainability, she transitioned to a platform product manager role at a company that uses AI and behavioral science to guide utility customers to more energy-efficient behaviors, Oracle Opower. While trying to find ways to be more planet-friendly, she came across many brilliant products that were easy to incorporate into her lifestyle. She wanted to find a way to help these ethical brands become mainstream, which eventually led to the inception of Earthizen. She also wanted to harness the rising trend of conscious consumerism to have a measurable impact on the planet.